KM’s and Fuel Savings

This page is as much for me as anyone else, it’s just a place for me to track my EV Km’s.  I’ve thrown in a couple of formulas to throw dollar values at these number, it’s based on my averages so the actual dollars would vary up or down.  This also doesn’t consider charging at locations away from home that are “free” to me.  Based on my actual at home charging pattern, my out of pocket energy cost would likely be 1/3 to 1/2 of the total energy listed, making the savings slightly higher.

The reference is my previous daily driver, which is an ’07 Infiniti G35 Sedan, not exactly the most fuel efficient, but in the same league as far as performance.  It’s what I would be driving if I didn’t have the Porsche 944HV so it’s my real life situation.

EV Km'sNew Km'sFuel Savings (est)Energy Use (est)$$$ Saved (est)
Pre Conversion00000
October 1, 20121,4481,448$217.20$20.85$196.35
June 1, 20132,418970
July 1, 20133,388970
August 1, 20134,307919
September 1, 20134,808501$721.20$69.24$651.96
April 1, 20157,1222,314$1068.30$102.56$965.74
May 1, 20158,4321,310$1,264.80
June 1, 20159,706
August 16, 201513,518
October 1, 201515,7192,201$2,357.85$171.93$2,185.92
November 1, 201517,4661,747$2,619.90$191.03$2,428.87
August 1, 201627,91710,451$4,187.70$305.35$3,882.35
December 10, 201969,473

Please note this is a running total, so the numbers will get larger and larger over time.

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