The weights are in on the Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 ended up about 150lbs over the estimated weight, but that’s likely due to not considering the weight of the coolant and the use of steel battery racks instead of the planned aluminium ones.  The (almost) final weight is 1230kg or just over 2700lbs, although it’s a bit higher than your average 914 it also has quite a bit of power and the battery capacity to provide a lot of range.

2015-09-01 12.12.34

On the plus side the front/rear weight distribution came out perfectly which is probably why the car feels so good.  The front came out to 49.6% with the rear at 50.4%

2015-09-01 12.11.46

2015-09-01 12.13.06


The car is an absolute joy to drive, it handles well, has plenty of power and cruises very nicely.  The 12kw EMW charger is finally up and running, it’s been tested at 5kw which is about the limit of my power source at the moment, I’ll do further testing on a 40 and 50A breaker when the charger is complete and mounted in the car.  A quick test drive to and from the scales yielded decent energy use results, however due to a cable issue regen wasn’t working.  A 92km round trip used 41.6Ah out of the 90Ah total capacity at speeds ranging from 80-125km/h.  That works out to about 250wh/mile which is pretty good for mostly higher speed driving and no regen.  If average energy use with regen comes in around 220-225wh/mile the car will meet it’s range target.  With some hypermiling and getting use to the car it shouldn’t be difficult to get the energy use down below 200wh/mile for 60-80km/h drives.



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