The old, the new, and what’s going on in 2015

Again it’s been so long I’m not sure where to start.  First the car is not complete, but it is nicely drive able (and a joy to drive at that).  Parts, ideas and plans come and go, today, and for the past year or two really there is one goal.  I want a reliable daily driver.  I’m pretty close to being there, I will get to the point that the car just isn’t going to need me anymore, it will just work.  I both can’t wait and dread that day.  It would be nice to just get in and drive, without thinking about the Ah counter, is everything working, how do the temps look today, I wonder if the battery is warm.  The flip side is that when I get there the car is “done”, and I think I’m ready for that.

The parts have been ever changing, here’s what’s in the Porsche  944 today, and what’s planned for the near future.
-Siemens 1PV5135 – Great motor, liquid cooled.
-DMOC645 Inverter – Also great, but needs a “GEVCU”
-GEVCU – Seems to work great, not quite as feature rich on the traditional IO side as the Wolftronix, but more capability on the CAN side
-CALB CA60FI x83 (the volt pack and range extender, are no longer viable options I may look at more CALB’s)
-Azure Transit Connect DC/DC converter, sorry the name has failed me, I’ll update the part number – Liquid cooled, works great
-Mes Dea vacuum pump – A bit noisy, to be replaced by the Transit Connect pump-Cheap Chinese temp meter to turn on/off the battery heating
-Cheap Chinese temp sensor to turn on/off the battery heating system automatically
-JLD style volt meter, measures the charging voltage (120/240v) and selects series or parallel for the battery heating so regardless of what I plug in to I get full power to the heaters
-Heated seat pads (drivers seat only for the moment, wonderful on chilly days when you don’t necessarily need to turn on the main heater)
-Brusa NLG513 Charger – Bought two, installed one, one is enough for the small pack.
-JLD404 – Not much to say, it works and hides in the glove box, to be replaced/augmented by the EV Display

Items to be installed:
-The Vacuum pump mentioned above
-EV Display main display to be installed where the factory clock was located
-Joying Android car stereo
-Various suspension and normal car tweaks.

The Joying Quad core Android car stereo has a radio, bluetooth, GPS and 7″ screen and some physical buttons so it should give a better car experience than the Samsung tablet.  I could never keep the tablet charged (android battery life sucks even when it’s sleeping) and in it’s happy temperature range, the Joying is controlled by the ignition and operates like a traditional car stereo (with the extended Android boot up time of course).  It comes with the Torque Pro app installed and was designed to work with it, apparently there are two bluetooth radio’s, one for connecting to the Torque device and the other to connect your phone.  It has all sorts of functionality related to phone display and screen mirroring that should provide a nice experience and lots of features when desired.  It has a volume KNOB, I’m a fan of controlling the volume on devices with a knob. It has built in functionality for a backup camera and/or dash cam.  The backup camera add on was $20 so why not, I got use to it in the Infiniti and although the Porsche is much smaller the visibility is also much worse.  And I find pedestrians don’t tend to notice I’m backing up because of the silence, so if I can keep a better lookout for them there’s less chance of an accident.



I’ll give a full review and comparison of the Joying stereo vs the Samsung tablet as well as the Nexus tablet that’s in the Porsche 914.

This update was supposed to come out before the posts about the 914, but I never got it finished so this is much less of a surprise.  The price of oil has dropped significantly, the company I worked for (note the past tense) made control and automation systems for the oil industry.  When I first started we made SOFC test stands (Hydrogen fuel cell test stands), that was interesting stuff, oil rig  stuff, not so much but the job was stable with good benefits.  I and a large portion of the company were recently let go, we got a decent severance to make us just go away.  A friend and fellow EV conversion owner (he actually has 3) has been trying to get me to start something with him in the EV conversion space to augment his existing automotive repair business.  What is a freshly unemployed EV  fanatic supposed to do?  Take that offer and run with it.  I am now a full time EV Converter at Cardinal Automotive, (Go check it out, follow us on Facebook) this is what I’ve wanted to do for many years, but it’s still a bit scary to think this IS what I’m doing.  It’s an iffy time for EV conversions, on one hand there are OEM EV’s to get people familiar with EV’s and what they can do.  On the other hand there are OEM EV’s for a customer to run out and buy TODAY.











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  1. Sorry to hear about your layoff but I hope it turns out to be the perfect opportunity for you. You certainly have the skills to excel at it. Good luck.

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