914 Progress, LED’s all around

The Porsche 914 trunk area had been abused for decades, a hole for this, a new hole for that. All of those holes are filled and finally painted.  The remaining holes are for the Siemens Inverter, the main power input, motor output, cooling hoses and DC/DC output all required routing outside the trunk area.  The repair process went fairly smoothly however it was much more time consuming than I would have expected.



Repaired and painted:

2015-06-23 11.39.51

The trunk carpet from 914 Rubber fits nicely (sorry for the varying white balance, the car didn’t change colors!)

2015-06-24 10.00.33sm

Although the inverter barely has any miles in it, the conversion that this piece came out of is a number of years old now and it’s showing it’s age.  The casing was stripped down and repainted as well to match the the fresh install, can’t have the center piece of the trunk looking old and ratty.

2015-06-24 12.16.41sm

The trunk with new gasket, new light, new roof holders all installed and the cooling lines connected to the inverter.

2015-06-24 13.21.37sm

There is still enough trunk space for a few bags or other small cargo including the hard top that can be removed and stored in the trunk above the inverter.


New LED headlights, new LED turn signals, new gaskets, new boots.  The 914 Rubber kit included boots and gaskets for all of the turn signal related requirements, everything fits nicely.  The new front trunk gasket is also in and fits very well compared to the old multi piece version that was falling apart.

2015-06-23 15.16.14

New gasket for the tail light housing to car, and more LED bulbs.  Although the inverter has a very good built in DC/DC converter there’s no need to waste power, this should help keep the load on the 12v system to a minimum as well as brighten up what were otherwise dim lights all around.  The new tail light and front turn signal lenses are in transit and should complete the transformation nicely.

2015-06-25 12.22.31sm

With the re-arranged Volt modules in the front of the car, the stock plastic covers didn’t fit properly.  Now modified slightly they fit nicely and continue the clean appearance through the front of the car.  I have some terminal covers designed that will go over the positive and negative terminals to make the front area touch safe.  These will be 3D printed and tweaked as required to fit the various requirements and cable terminals used.  A fuse cover is also in the works that will be 3D printed and will complete the process of making the front trunk area touch safe.  There isn’t a lot of space left, but some small items or a tool kit could easily be stored up front.

2015-06-25 12.33.36sm




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