Building another EMW 10kw Charger

I’ve already built an air cooled version of the EMW and it’s working beautifully in my car. I was going to build a 2nd air cooled version for a friend, but because the kit was different enough I couldn’t use the same CAD files and panel designs for the 2nd charger so it was on to plan B.


Since I had to start from scratch (or at least revise all of the panels) I told my friend he was getting my air cooled version and I’m going to build a water cooled one.

I bought an 8″ x 8″ x 0.75″ aluminium plate for another purpose, however it’s just about ideal for the EMW.

Test fitting the silicone gasket, I’m using a 220mm x 3mm gasket in a 1.9mm deep by 3.5mm wide channel.

cooling block 1

Drilling and tapping the G1/4 threads, since the rest of my cooling hardware is computer stuff, standard fittings will thread in.

cooling plate3

And a test fit of a 1/2″ barb fitting. I may go with 90 degree fittings, depends on the final mounting location in the car.

cooling block2

Both barbs and the silicone gasket. I still have tons of holes to drill and tap on the top and bottom as well as around the edges. The asymmetrical design of the cooling channel is to leave enough room for the mounting holes on the other side for the IGBT’s, diode, input bridges etc.

cooling block 5

Test fitting everything on the block.

cooling plate plus emw2

The final dimensions including mounting feet will be:
10″ x 8.3″ x 5.5″ This doesn’t include the barb’s or cooling hoses that will run out the side.

cooling plate plus emw

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  1. Well…
    Actually you explained your predicament to your friend, and what you’d been thinking, that with liquid cooling you’d be able to perhaps do 15 kw, and how desirable you thought that would be, and your friend was thinking yes that would be cool but I feel like 10 kw is maybe even overkill for me, what would I do with 15? And so your friend suggested perhaps you should consider building the 15 kw watercooled for yourself, and your friend could use the 10 kw aircooled. (which of course was what you were thinking of but certainly didn’t say it) After all this friend of yours is well experienced in using your hand-me-down charger, the .86 kw you first used in the Porsche is still working quite well in his own car, so why wouldn’t the tried & true 10 kw you have now be just fine? Perhaps, your friend muses, you can continue this- just work out the bugs and once the charger is working flawlessly, pass it on to your friend who’ll put several thousand miles of beta testing on it for you.
    Nice arrangement I’d say.
    Nice… friendship.

    1. Welcome Wade!
      I should be able to do 12kw on the liquid cooled version, probably not 15 with the inductors in this kit, but that’s ok the J1772 connector/wiring is only capable of 50A (50A x 240v = 12kw max input).

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