1000km later…..

I officially have over 1000 EV Km’s on the car, it’s not finished, but it’s working beautifully.  I snapped the shot below just before going for a test drive, I’m now at 1006km.  The Soliton1 cooling system was a great addition and anyone using a Soliton 1 or Jr. should plan water cooling from the start.  I got a new AC switch and tested the air conditioning, it works very well when driving, since the motor stops when the car does so does the AC, I may have to visit the idea of a dedicated motor to run the AC system, but for now it provides plenty of cooling (which likely isn’t needed much more this year).  So the next important task is heating, I have another reservoir like I used for the Soliton1 cooling that will go along with my pair of 1500w fluid heaters and Liang D5 pump.  This will be an incredibly simple system I’m just looking at the idea of an insulated box to keep the cold outside air from steeling my heat, this would also make the system more efficient with most of the heat making it into the cabin.  I’m going to upgrade the dash lighting to LED’s at some point and while I’m in there I might try to “tweak” the odometer just a hair so that my 1006 EV Km’s reads as 61006 instead of the current random number.

I received the EMW deluxe hardware for the EV display, Valery is still working on it and the software, so it will take a bit before I can get enough info out of him to hook it up and start using it.  There are a pair of hall effect sensors, one for the motor loop and one of the battery loop.  The battery loop version has two sensors of different values I assume it’s for trying to keep the charging/discharging currents in the optimum range of the hall effect sensors.  I also got a replacement IGBT for the charger, I had an “issue”, I’ll elaborate more on that in the next charger update.

With my exposure on EVTV I met a local EV’er who’s in the process of upgrading his Solectria Force from Lead to Lithium, this is a shout out to Wade.  I’m not alone!

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing you test drive the car in the video. I had not seem their show till you linked to it. They are kind of like the Tappet Brothers but a lot less entertaining.

    What are your thoughts on the 123 cells and fire? Is that something that is on your mind or do you think with proper charging procedures it’s not that big of a deal?


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