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Although electric cars are much more efficient than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) siblings the energy does have to come from somewhere.  In most cases the power to charge electric cars comes from the electric grid, although some people are setup with solar or wind to recharge their EV’s that would be the minority.  It seems that some people think that driving an electric car is no better for the environment than the gas guzzler they drive every day, the rational behind it is that the electricity is generated by coal or other “dirty” fuels.  This is simply not the case, even if your EV was 100% powered by coal generated electricity you would still have lower emissions in an electric vehicle than you would in a Prius or any other ICE car/truck/van/suv.  However not all of our electricity is generated by coal, especially in Canada with nuclear, hydroelectric, wind and solar power in the equation you could be driving a zero emission vehicle INCLUDING the power generation.

In southern Alberta there are countless wind farms that dot the landscape, these massive wind turbines generate clean power for the grid.  A few of these farms are operated by Enmax Energy which is my electricity provider here in Calgary.  Enmax offers a program called Greenmax, if you enroll in this program Enmax allocates 5000kwh of renewable energy per year on your behalf from an EcoLogoM certified facility in Alberta.  This amount alone would allow me to drive the Electric Porsche about 20,000km per year, 100% emissions free.

Even if you don’t drive an electric car today, I encourage you to sign up for Greenmax or any other program that supports renewable energy.  The more demand we can place on all sources of renewable energy the more wind farms and other eco friendly power generation methods that Enmax and other companies will be able to build.  In the end we all pay for the electric company to generate or buy the electricity we use, why not push them in a direction that’s better for the planet.

I’m not affiliated with Enmax in any way, however I do appreciate the choice to make renewable energy a part of my life, and power my electric car.  Visit Enmax today.

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