Electric Porsche – Weighing in

With virtually all the gas related parts removed from the car I’ve been able to get a good idea of the weight that has come off.
The engine itself came in a bit lower than I expected however all the other parts added up to more than expected and actually make the total removed look quite good.

(Note the scale is in Kg, not lbs)

Parts Removed Weight (lbs)
Stock Battery 30est
Engine 360
Starter 8
Alternator 16
Exhaust/headers 49
Gas tank/fuel pump 30est
Cooling system 28
Computer 5
Spare Tire 30
Full tank of gas 126
Total 682lbs

Estimated EV weight to add: 761lbs
Net difference +79lbs


There is bracket weight that hasn’t been accounted for yet, and the battery box weight is simply a ballpark guess so I’m sure it will go up slightly. However with the weight that is coming out it looks really good for keeping the converted weight atleast close to preconverted weight, and meet my goal of a converted weight of 3000lbs or less.

I could eliminate the Air Conditioning to drop even more weight but the goal of this car is to keep the features, look and feel of the Porsche.  From the outside the only sign that something has changed is the lack of exhaust tip poking out from under the rear bumper.  Inside the cabin it will be even harder to tell, there will be a pair of lcd text displays below the stereo that show battery voltage, current, temperature and other critical info related to the high voltage electrical system.  Beyond that everything will look and feel the same as a stock 944.  A few of the guages may show different information, but all will function in a logical manner.

The lcd displays will be driven by the BMS microcontroller ( Arduino Mega ) since much of the info that the BMS system monitors is the same important information that the driver needs to see.  I see the BMS and guages as single system that in the end reduces the total cost of both.

I’ve almost finished the BMS/Gauges hardware design, I will post the design and hardware functionality soon.

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