Electric Porsche 944

Electric Porsche

This page will contain the current plan, and current state of the car. Please refer to the “Home” page for the progress and steps taken to get here.


Current state:

  • I haven’t updated this for awhile, everything was old news.
  • Heaters have been tested and just need to be installed permanently.
  • Battery box is half way there, just needs aluminium walls.
  • Tablet to be disassembled and custom mounted in the center console

What’s next?

  • EMW has created an arduino based gauge system that exceeds all of my early plans so it’s pretty easy I will be using their system!
  • The rear battery box is the new big project, under the hood things are coming together.
  • Battery testing and assembly is coming along, I have the last batch of batteries on order.

Parts on hand/ordered:

DC/DC converter modules for 14.4v system

Kats fluid heaters 2x 1500w

12v variable speed fluid pump for heating system

Netgain Warp 11-HV

Headway 38120S 10ah cells x12 for testing/12v replacement battery

Mes-Dea Electric vacuum pump

DC/DC converters for 90cell 96cell battery charger

Power supplies 85-264v for DC/DC battery charger

Material to prototype an aluminum battery box  Now a steel framed box with aluminium walls

Prototyping parts for the Arduino voltage monitoring system  EMW system to be used

Soliton1 300kw DC motor controller with Evnetics throttle pot

Clutchless Aluminum coupler

Compact steel adapter plate/tube

A123 20ah cells x120, more to follow final pack design is 288 cells (96S3P) remaining cells on order

Galaxy tab 7+ to get integrated into the center console for audio/navigation/gauges

The Plan!

Curb weight:  ≤3000lbs   ≤2900lbs

Name: “944DC” I might make an emblem to replace the stock 944 badge with 944DC or 944HV to represent the DC power system or Warp 11 “HV”.

√  Motor: Netgain Warp 11-HV ~300hp, ~300ft-lbs

√  Adapter plate: CNC machined aluminum Compact steel tube/plate with locating surfaces, no manual alignment necessary.

√  Coupler: Clutchless coupler from Charlie at evcouplerconnection.com. Taper lock with modified pulley

√  Controller: Evnetics Soliton1 300V, 1000A

√  Throttle: Evnetics hall effect throttle assembly controlled by the stock pedal & cable.

Batteries: Headway 38120S 3.2v 10ah cells in a 288V   A123 20ah cells in a 96S2P 96S3P 317V nominal pack with 1000A continuous peak continuous discharge .

Battery boxes:  Welded/riveted aluminum/Steel with heating system

BMS: Arduino based multichannel isolated voltage monitoring system.  Cell log 8’s

√  Charger: 90 96 isolated 1/4 brick DC/DC converters 22.6A @ 3.65v 23.5A @ 3.5v with 85-264v AC power supplies 3kw.  Manzanita Micro PFC-20 or Zivan NG3.

√  12v Battery: Headway 38120S cells in a 4s3p pack to replace the heavy stock battery.  A123 12v system battery.

√  DC/DC Converter: 1/4 brick modules with adjustable output 14.4v nominal 80A continuous.

√  Steering: Replace the power steering rack with a manual rack.  Depower the existing rack.

√  Mes-Dea electric vacuum pump for the power brake booster.

√  Heater: 3kw Fluid heater using the stock heater core and controls.

√  Air Conditioning: Stock A/C system powered by a dedicated electric motor or main motor tail shaft.


Speedometer – stock, no modifications required

Tachometer – driven by the controller

Temperature gauge – display the temperature of the heating system

Fuel guage – driven by the controller EMW gauge system will represent battery state of charge

Voltage gauge – monitor the stock 12v system

Fuel economy – I may use this as a representation of battery current draw (or fuel economy)

Oil pressure – I’m not sure what to do with this one yet, but if I print a new scale it might be possible to use it to represent pack voltage

Dummy lights will work in much the same way, check engine will be tied to the controller and display warnings or faults.

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