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  1. I have been following your progress, and I’m very interested in your build. I have also looked at the Kostov motors, the 10″ is supposed to be the Warp 9 killer and is what I’m looking at for my ’82 Mazda RX7 conversion. Like you I have been fixing her up with new interior, etc. I still need to paint it. What voltage are you thinking about using, and what Ah rating will you be using on the batteries? I realize that with higher voltages you can use a smaller battery and still get the same range. Most of the new plug in electrics are using a 26 to 35 Ah back in the 320 volt range. I would think that with the Soliton 1, a lot of the extra wiring and instrumentation drivers normally involved with a conversion would be eliminated, because of its outputs. I would like to have at least a 50 mile range on my car, but am hoping for better than stock performance up to about 150kph. I will continue to watch your build. Keep up the good work!

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