A weeks work on a lot of little (and big) things

I took a week of vacation to get some dedicated time to work on the car, I stayed busy the whole time and ticked a lot of check boxes off the to do list.  I also tackled a few things that weren’t on the list and didn’t imagine doing, but they are done and the car is better for it.

The week started with the manual steering rack, it turned out being a very simple and straight forward swap with no issues.  Since I had to remove the leaky rack I was up to my elbows in oily sludge which brought to my attention I was never able to pressure wash the motor bay before the install began years ago.

manual rack


The other very significant difference between removing the rack from the ’83 gas powered 944 and installing it on my ’86 electric 944 is the access to all of the parts, I had plenty of room to work with easy access to where I needed to bolt things up vs the incredibly tight dirty and awkward process in the gas car.

Since the ’83 is now just a parts car I’ve started looking at pieces that I replaced to get it on the road for my wife, as well as parts that are still in great shape that can either be sold or kept as spares for my own use.  Since I had recently replaced the front strut inserts on the ’83 and mine was in need I swapped the entire strut assemblies to the EV.  They are missing a couple of small clips that hold the brake wear sensor wiring but a zip tie took care of that.  The other good thing is that if I decide to buy performance struts and an adjustable spring kit I can install it on the original strut assemblies and then install the completed units back on the EV which could reduce down time.  (See how old this update is… I already have the new Koni suspension installed)

After solving the dc/dc converter fan noise issue, the next “loudest” item in the car is the vacuum pump for the brake booster and hvac vents.  To solve this (or at least reduce it’s annoyance factor) I milled a new mounting bracket that made use of the included rubber mounts on the vacuum pump as well as one of the unused motor mounts still in the car.

vacuum pump


This new mount has significantly reduced both the vibration and noise created by the pump, but not eliminated it.

One of the big things on the to do list was installing the heater.  Initially I had hoped to install it in an insulated box however the shape of the space I had to work with along with reduced serviceability forced me to reconsider.  Instead the heater is mounted out in the open on some simple brackets but I should be able to insulate the hoses/reservoir to hold in some heat.


Once again I was going to take some pictures to complete this post, but now it’s getting old.


The heater is completely wired and integrated with the stock controls.  I would like to make some sort of indicator light to show that the heater is “on” however I’m not sure where I would like that or how it should look.  Ideally it would be an indicator on the tablet and not require drilling a hole in the dash for an LED or something.

I also decided on the Momo Tuner 350mm steering wheel, again pictures needed!  The wheel is awesome and I found it for a very good price.  I was able to take the steering wheel adapter off of the ’83 and modify it to work with the late steering column.  The “tab” that kicks off the turn signal when the wheel returns to center is too short on the early version, otherwise it’s exactly the same.  I used epoxy and a metal bar to extend it far enough to work properly again.


At the moment I’m driving the Infiniti again, (not by choice) I had a “Desaturation fault” in the controller, so it’s back at Evnetics getting repaired.  The people at Evnetics have been incredibly helpful and quick to respond to the problem.  I received an email back within 15 minutes on a Saturday when this happened.  More info to come.


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