Charge Port and A Few Test Drives

I’m still working steady on the battery box, including the wiring for the cell log 8 breakout modules.  The battery pack is not quite half done however it does make the car drivable, I haven’t finished the 10kW charger, however I’m using a small 600+ watt charger made from 3 small Mean Well 48v power supplies that I’ve modified with CC/CV adjust-ability.  It charges to 154v at 4A and terminates when the charge current drops below 0.75A.  To allow easy charging I’ve finally had to install the charge plug in the old fuel filler opening.

This was much simpler than expected using a piece of scrap aluminium I had laying around that only took a few minutes to modify to make it work.

I still need to seal a couple of extra holes and weatherproof the perimiter but it fits great and doesn’t look half bad either.

With the ability to recharge easily I’ve had to chance to do a few test drives, everything is working well and the car has a very nice feel and is fun to drive.  The tires squeal in first, but I start out in 2nd which gives nice acceleration and I don’t need to shift when driving around at up to 50km/h, any higher and I drive in 3rd.  As soon as I get the deluxe EV display hardware from Valery at EMW I’ll be driving it to work every day.  I’d rather not drive without voltage/current/fuel gauges to help me out.  There is still a lot of work to do on the car, but once it’s driving I can pick away at the important tasks one at a time.

I’m happy with the donor, I know I made the right choice, the car itself is fun to drive.  I still have some reinforcements to make to the battery box then I’ll test the car out in some corners and see how it feels.  There is a self weigh station not too far from my house so I’ll take it down one evening and see how far off I am on the weight as well as check the front/rear weight balance to see how close to stock I am.  I only have half the battery installed so I would expect it to be slightly front heavy but end up slightly heavier on the back when it’s done.

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  1. Thanks Timothy, you are exactly right it’s been a long time coming so being able to drive it is simply a pleasure. I can now simply pick away at the remaining tasks one by one, but most should still let me drive the car or only take it off the road for short periods.

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