Electric Porsche – Transmission mount, CV bolts, Batteries and made the News Paper

The car has been progressing slowly, work has been busy so I haven’t had the time or energy to do all the things I had hoped to have complete by now. There is no drop dead completion date, so I will just keep plugging away and make sure things are done right. Just like everything else in this build decisions are made, then changed, then changed again! I finally have the batteries on hand. It’s not the Thundersky that I chose early on, it’s not the Headways that I switched to later. The winner is A123 and the 20ah pouch cells. They aren’t easy to get, and for a product that’s made in AMERICA (or Korea) the easiest way to get your hands on them is from China. The cells test incredibly well though, so I think it’s just the right cell for my car and my goals. From the cells I have on hand I will be building a 15.8kwh pack to get me started this should give me 60-100km of range if I drive nicely, or a lot of fun on my 17km commute to work. I’m still working on the details of the connection method but I will be using aluminum blocks/spacers to create the series/parallel connections that I need.


I have been putting off removing the transmission for months since I knew it would be a lot of cramped under the car work to get it out. Finally I bit the bullet and went ahead with the removal, and it turned out to be exactly as expected, not horribly difficult just time consuming and uncomfortable under the car with limited working space. I took this opportunity to strengthen the transmission mount at the same time, a seemingly common fix is to use a two part urethane to encase the stock rubber transmission mount to remove unwanted movement but unlike a steel or aluminum mount it won’t transmit all the gear noise to the cabin.

With the transmission out the gas tank removal was very simple and straight forward. With the gas tank out the hatch floor removal was also simple and straight forward. And finally with no hatch floor the transmission installation could not have been easier. I will get the remaining bolts torqued down and the new Stage 8 locking CV bolts installed then the drive train is virtually complete and should hold up to the extra torque from the electric motor.

I did a quick test fit of the locking 3 prong socket that I may use for my charging port, it fits well in the stock filler opening.

Battery boxes to come!! I also have the coupler back from Charlie of evcouplerconnection.com so I will have to slide the motor forward and reinstall the coupler. This time I will photograph the process a bit better along with the mounting of the A/C, controller, vacuum pump and throttle.


This update was in Draft form so long that many things had changed.  As it turns out there is a completion date (or dates)!!!  I have agreed to do a small informal presentation at work about the electric car project so it would be really nice if I could BRING THE CAR.  Completion date #1 Oct. 12th, the car really only needs to drive there and back.

With the exposure the car has received there is interest in showing it at the Global Clean Energy Congress, completion date #2 Nov. 1st.

To conclude this update is a scan of a small article on my electric Porsche in the Calgary Herald.

Or you can just click on the link below for an easier to read version online.

The Calgary Herald.

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