Electric Porsche – Canadian Kostov Motors Dealer

Early on in my design process I had selected the Kostov 11″ 192v motor, this was due to many factors including price, performance and reputation.  As the budget opened up a little and I was able to turn my conversion from sporty to high performance (most of this in the battery selection) I selected the Warp11HV simply because it had the performance reputation, unfortunatially it also came with a large price tag to match.  I still believe Kostov motors provide more value for the money.  For this reason I have decided to offer Kostov Series wound DC motors to Canadian customers.  In order to keep the value side of things, and avoid shipping the motor multiple times and adding unnecessary cost, these motors will be drop shipped from the USA distributor to the end customer.  However to simplify the process all customs documents and processes are taken care of, as well as the duty/brokerage/tax and fees that would be due for importing the product into Canada.

The following models are available, but any special or dual motor setups will be available with a longer lead time:

Kostov 9″ 144V                                                                                       
Kostov 9″ 220V with RPM Sensor & Thermistor                                 
Kostov 10″ 144V                                                                                     
Kostov 10″ 144V with RPM Sensor & Thermistor                               
Kostov 11″ 192V with RPM Sensor & Thermistor                               
Kostov 11″ 250V with RPM Sensor & Thermistor

I feel that the 9″ 220V motor would be the perfect match to a Soliton Jr. and the 11″ 192 or 250V version would be perfect for the Soliton1.  An extra discount will be available to customers who order one of these Soliton + Motor combinations.

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