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Over the past couple of years I’ve done countless hours of research, there are a couple of products that really stand out above and beyond all of the rest.  The Netgain Motors Warp 11HV and the Evnetics Soliton1.  There is a great Netgain motors dealer on Vancouver Island, however there is no Evnetics dealer in all of Canada.  That has now changed, I have been approved as the first Canadian Evnetics dealer and am able to take orders for the Soliton1.  Sales will be processed through my business RW Audio (www.rwaudio.com).  As an electronics designer I can see the time effort and innovation that went into the Soliton1.  The software and hardware  is cutting edge and will help all DIYer’s to create safe reliable EV’s.  It’s a great time for electric vehicle conversions.  There are motors specifically designed for the requirements of EV conversions, LiFePO4 batteries have made possible good range at reasonable weights with very long cycle life, making lead acid a thing of the past, and finally Evnetics has created a reliable, high power, feature rich controller to tie it all together.  I feel the Soliton1 is the best series DC motor controller available, this is the reason I chose it for my conversion and I wanted to make it available for other Canadians without the hassle of duty/customs/trans border shipping.  Pricing will be in Canadian dollars, and competitive with US prices.  Evnetics is a small company of dedicated individuals.  I’ve had the opportunity to chat with the hardware and software designers on the forum diyelectriccar.com, both are brilliant and friendly people.  Although very busy they will often answer questions about current and future products, they’ve even provided a sneak peak of the new Soliton Jr. which will expand the product line with a smaller 500A version of the Soliton1 with all of the same features and flexibility.


Prototype Soliton Jr.

There are a number of features designed into the Soliton1 that make it stand out against the competition in both performance and price.  The Soliton1 has built in contactors and precharge circuitry that eliminate the need for separate parts and wiring.  Unlike other controllers that require special programming hardware, the Soliton1 can be configured and updated via a simple web browser interface.  The software development behind the Soliton1 is also ongoing, new features are made available free of charge as they are developed and released.

If you have any questions about the Soliton1 or Evnetics in general I would be happy to help, please contact me at: robin at rwaudio dot com, or use the contact form.  Evnetics products will be in the store shortly, at the moment they are special order but all customs/duty/import chargers will be taken care of so there will be no surprise charges when buying from http://electricporsche.ca (RW Audio).

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