Electric Porsche – Warp 11 HV

To date I’ve ordered small odds and ends for the electric Porsche, including the fluid heaters, some headway cells for testing and assorted tools.
However yesterday I took the first big plunge and ordered the electric motor. After a brief email exchange with George of Netgain motors who assured me that the Warp 11-HV would work well for my application I had finally for the first time made up my mind as to the direction of the EV build. This is going to be a real Porsche, and not an underpowered commuter in a Porsche body. There is no turning back now, the direction is set and there are very few choices left to make. The Warp 11-HV motor requires a high voltage controller, Soliton1, CHECK. high voltage high current battery pack, Headway 90s7p 10ah pack, CHECK. I guess I could tweak the pack arrangement 7p or 8p or 9p, higher cell count makes it easier on the pack as a whole and increases the range, but cell count is a much smaller/easier choice than battery brand/size/voltage/configuration. I placed the order with Randy at canev.com who has been very helpful with all of my questions and inquierys.

The inspiration behind the higher performance motor came from CroDriver at diyelectriccar.com his amazing project has made public the other side of EV conversions. They don’t have to be slow & economical old S10’s and Metro’s, they can be shiny, fast and put gas cars to shame.

CroDrivers electric BMW

While my Porsche won’t match CroDrivers BMW in speed or power, it will be fun, fast and economical, burning a few kwh instead of liters of gas.  I like the idea of having configurable performance via a software interface.  This should allow me to bring the power on smoothly and not break drivetrain parts…. much.

The older posts talk about Kostov 11″ and WarpDrive and Warp 9 etc, and I will leave them as they are to show the evolution in the choices I made to arrive at this configuration.  In other hobbies I’ve learned that the cheapest way is usually the best way the first time, if you cut corners and make compromises it just costs more to get to the end result.  The Warp 11-HV is the no compromise DC motor for my EV build, there is also something exciting about the fact CroDriver has gotten 500-550hp out of a single modified Warp 11-HV.

The new design choices have added ~80lbs worth of motor but removed ~200lbs of battery so the net result will be a lighter car.  I’m guessing at 150-200lbs over stock wet curb weight, but also approaching 2x hp and 2x torque of the stock 944 with my current controller and battery choices.  However with too much more hp or torque I would start to reach the limits of the stock drive train, and end up breaking things.

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  1. I too have been following Crodrivers progress. My build is very similar to yours. I am doing a ’97 Miata. Warp 11HV, Soliton1, 90S 6P Headway P cells. I should be on the road in a couple of months. My biggest concern is getting the most perfromance without destroying the drive train. By the way I had issues with the HV motor matching the usual Warp11 adapter. They evidently changed the thrust bearing configuration on the HV. My understanding is that the newer motors will be the same as the Warp11.

    1. The motor should be here next week, then the real fun begins as I begin to fabricate a mount/coupling to the 944 torque tube.

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