Electric Porsche – de-ICEed

The parts car has been without engine for awhile now, however over the past couple days the actual donor car lost it’s gasoline engine for good.  The garage is full though, 1 Porsche, 2 engines, work bench, CNC machine 8 winter tires, and the list goes on…. Did I mention this is all in a single garage?

Donor Porsche on jack stands, engine ready to come out.

Engine out, just enough room to walk around the car, but you have to hop over an engine to get out of the garage.

The pair of Porsche 944 engines, lots of work ahead for the donor car engine before it goes back in the parts car to give new life to a good car.

The now vacant, future home of the Warp 11 HV, the original engine mounts will be used to support the tail end of the Warp motor.  There will be plenty of room for the forward section of the battery pack as well as the controller and other electrical goodies.

Next step is to push the donor car out and park it beside the parts car to give me some room to work on the donor engine and give it new belts, seals and anything else it requires to get it in excellent running condition before it gets a new home in the parts car.  This will also give me a chance to start the CAD design for the motor adapter that will mate the stock bell housing to the Warp motor.  I’m hoping that the clutches on both engines are in decent condition, I also hope the ’86 has a spring centered clutch which will allow it to handle a little more torque and abuse than the stock rubber centered clutch which I will most likely find in the ’83.

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